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About Us


Chocolate lab puppy wearing a custom dog collar

Kona the official mascot! She inspired the whole thing. Kona is a 1 year old Chocolate Lab with a calm and cuddly demeanor. She is always ready to fetch a ball and lick your face. Kona is also a Parvovirus survivor! Kona was born in Montana and came to live with us in Arizona when she was 10 weeks old. We love our Kons Kons!

Amber - Dog Mom

Amber from Kona Dog Wear

I'm the one that does it all, takes the orders, answers emails, sews all of the product and ships the boxes. My background in sewing and design started way way back when I was about 10. As a kid I was always drawing dresses and designing things on paper. Fast forward a bit, I received my degree in Fashion Merchandising & Design in 2006. I had a few jobs in the industry with some major companies but ultimately I decided to be a stay at home mom and work freelance on my schedule. I have been sewing, designing, decorating and remodeling all the things ever since. I love my dogs and making them pretty collars makes my fashion heart happy.


Yellow lab puppy digging a hole in the mud

Kaia is a 7 month old Yellow Lab that is always getting into mischief. She is sneaky and has so much personality. Kaia loves water and will go swimming all day if we let her. Kaia is an Arizona native and loves to lay in the sunshine. Kai Kai is our sweet baby girl!